Monday, 21 July 2014

A little about the game

Tessa the Imp
The game's mascot is
Tessa the Imp
House of Pandemonium is a corruption/transformation/mind control focused erotic game crated with Inform 7. The objective of the game is to survive for as long as possible, optionally aiming for a high score.

The engine is flexible, and mostly already supports other possible gameplay modes as well, perhaps to be implemented in the future. For now, the development will mainly focus on more content: more transformations, items, events and such.

The art has been created by using 3D Custom Girl with a variety of mods.

The author recommends the game to be played using Git. House of Pandemonium isn't the fastest game, and Git outperforms all other glulx interpreters quite nicely. In addition, the game just looks better on it than on some other interpreters.

Download it from if-archive

The content of the game is in extremely poor taste and isn't recommended for anyone. It includes, or will include, things such as vore, pregnancy, birthing and unbirthing, death, rape and general unpleasantness.

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