Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Release 1, bugfix 1

And here's our first bugfix. Some of the nastier bugs have been squished.

Download the game here (mediafire)
Open the file with Git (download)

* Fixed up a number of AI bugs involving the rusalka and the enslaved state.
* Fixed an issue involving the player being killed as a podling.
* Fixed an issue where the pod seeds would become unusable after the first use.
* Fixed an issue where you could keep beating disabled monsters to get points.
* Made traps harder to avoid and slightly more common.


  1. Pretty awesome start, I miss the option to play as a boy though. However you have an great base and I hope you add more. Thanks for making this! :)

  2. Well done on this update. NPC Rusalkas are much more interesting, and it looks like smoke is now spreading, making an NPC Darkslave a viable option. I'll be testing this as soon as I can. One issue I do see is that if the last human is charmed by the NPC Rusalka, you get some weird text. Next time I see it, I'll post it. Also, enslavement by a Rusalka is somewhat underwhelming; I have no idea what I'm meant to do. It seems I can attack humans, but sapping their will would better serve my mistress, as otherwise she has to wait for humans to come to her or another monster to sap a humans will.

    All in all, it's a great game, if a little unpolished (Room descriptions would be hot.) Following this closely. I like how the monsters just keep spawning until you're overwhelmed. Once there are more monster options, I think you should down the droprate on weapons and up the rate on restore items. Right now I can find three longswords and no potions.

    A story mode as well as a survival mode would be fun, but I'm not sure if that can be implemented? Also ponies. I demand ponies.

    1. Also, I normally play as Jeanne, as she says she has an aptitude for magic. It doesn't seem to be in release, so I assume it's being worked on? Will we see magic, or even human specials in a future build?

    2. The best thing you can do when enslaved as a rusalka is to disabled humans to her. Either ones you've beaten up yourself or ones someone else has.

      I'll adjust the droprates, yeah. Decreasing weapon spawns and increasing item spawns as time goes by is a pretty good place to start from.

      A story mode wouldn't be horribly hard to implement, though planning and writing one is a toughie.

      I'm going to add some sort of 'magic' in the game later on, I've got some ideas.

    3. Well, I happen to think I'm a fairly decent writer, I may be able to help you brainstorm on a story. I mean, obviously each of these girls has their own stories, just waiting to come out, right?

    4. The bigger issue is planning it. How do you tell a story with gameplay like this? I don't want to make the gameplay much more complex than it already is (it'll remain a survivor arena), but it's tricky to tell a story with that sort of a setup.

      In theory, some sort of a "campaign" mode with different stages that you need to survive through, with cutscenes of sorts between the stages might work, but... on the other hand, I kind of want the story to be more procedural. Less scripted. I've kept the game with no dialogue and no lengthy backstories mostly because it feels nice to form your own story while you play, though there could be elements to support that.

    5. There could be different "Mission" and "bosses" for each of the girls, or you could even implement some kind of questing.

      But enough of that! Content plz.