Monday, 21 July 2014

Release 1

Pandora the Harpy
This release is brought to you
by Pandora the Harpy
The first version is out. Have fun.

Bugs are to be expected, one person can only test so much. If you spot any, please comment on this post and mention them.

In addition, feedback for anything is very much appreciated. A single monster type overshadowing everyone else? Disappointing game design decisions? Things you'd like to see in the game? Any constructive comments are valued.

Download the game here (mediafire)
Open the file with Git (download)

As of this release, there are:
* 9 transformable races.
* 2 nonliving forms.
* 1 way to get enslaved.
* 212 images.

First release!


  1. Comment? It is Inform. Geek heaven. Plain language is not allowed, only those who speak technobabble need apply. . Just to install an engine is a major process. Merging a game with the engine is more joy. TADS and Adrift are bad enough, but a lay person can get them to run.

    This is your platform of choice. So be it. You have severely limited your audience, inadvertently or not. Good luck to you.

  2. Pardon? Literally all you need to do is to download Git and run the gblorb file with it.

  3. Don't let anything get you down. You being a game creator itself is amazing! Keep up the good work=] Trying it out now.

  4. Even for the vastly limited content it's already an amazing game, there really is nothing bad about the game just a lack of things. A larger map, more monsters, more items, and maybe even a win condition would be nice but I assume those will be added later anyways. One thing that I think would be a good addition is a resist command for the nymph charm, perhaps the success rate can be based on your willpower? It's just a thought but I think it might give more control (at least to a point) to the player.

    All in all I really love the game and can't wait to see more releases, please keep this up.

    1. Oh, a command to try to break out of charmed state is actually a very good idea. Expect to see that in a future version.

    2. Cool ^_^. Glad I could contribute.

  5. can't get the game engine to work or the game itself. keeps saying the game is not a valid win32 system

    1. never mind downloaded the wrong git file.